Little Black Book for Stunning Success
By Robin Sharma
Jaico Publishing House
Review by Ashok Jainani

It’s simple. Each and every action that you take each day leads to a series of results in your life. And since every action you take is preceded by a thought (thinking truly is the ancestor of action), what you focus on really does drive your reality. Taken straight from the Bhagavad Gita, Chapter 6; text 35-36, in simple language people of the day can comprehend and put to use. Your thoughts shape your reality. Your thinking forms your world. What you focus on expands. And what you dwell on determines your destiny. So be mindful to cultivate the right thoughts.

IE&M Take
“Inspiring not only business leaders, but anyone desiring to make an impact change.”

British PM Benjamin Disraeli once said, “You will never go higher than your thinking.” Robin Sharma knows how to say the same thing differently and impressively. He has been doing it consistently through his programmes and books. This book reiterates known ideas to convince us that such little things as positive thinking, daily habits, constant learning, being honest, no train no gain, and the fact that everyone is indeed gifted by God’s energy, are important for achieving success. It’s full of ideas for those who are interested in self motivation and can act as life’s manual each one must read. Flip through its pages whenever convenient or load it on the phone and read while travelling.

Robin Sharma says “People who have achieved great success are not necessarily more skillful or intelligent than others. What separates them is their burning desire for knowledge.” The more one knows, the more one achieves.” Personal and professional greatness takes work. It’s not easy. The best way to create spectacular results is through daily practice. Money and time spent on training is not an expense – it’s an investment. Focus plus time equals mastery.

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