I suppose it’s really true that a human being has so many skins inside, covering the depths of the heart. Not necessarily each one of us is aware about this important aspect of our life, but a time comes when all the layers open in a flash, leaving us mesmerized because we usually see just one skin where we feel pain and ecstasy.

This is such a story, happened many years back, but still relevant to be told and enjoyed. I found it very interesting loaded with very touching human sensibilities, it carries a message. I read this unusual news item in a Portuguese newspaper some years back.

There was a case in the lower court. A man had stolen a watch and he was being prosecuted. The young lawyer who was fighting the case of the so called thief was very enthusiastic about his case and fought vigorously with all the required skill. With his arguments he was able to convince the judge.

Moments before the judge was to deliver the judgment which was certain to be in the favor of the thief the most touching human drama was enacted.

The thief, watching the sheer determination of his lawyer, broke down in the court and said, “Sir, I am deeply moved the way you have fought my case. I have nothing more valuable than this watch to offer you.”

He took out the watch and offered it to his lawyer. The judge was stunned and delivered a very long judgment. Lastly the thief was let out.

There is a point here. Each one of us under the skin is same. There is absolutely no difference. The same human angle and rectangle is within. So what is needed is that we must be very conscious and considerate about our attitude towards people of noted shady characters. And in this age when everybody is involved in one or other shady activities the demarcation line is not clearly visible. It’s another matter that a petty thief is punished, whereas high officials and so called people’s representatives swindle away crores of rupees.

About the author: Krishna Kumar Mishra
Krishna Kumar Mishra
A bilingual poet, author, columnist, editor, and painter, an Aviation Engineer by education but a journalist by profession. He has worked with Indian Express group; edited Courage and The Voice magazines; Edited and Published The Scoria (the leading English literary magazine 1995-2002) which has the credit of introducing more than 100 new poets, including many American & British poets. The magazine was patronized by Khushwant Singh, former Prime Ministers VP Singh and PV Narasimha Rao among others; Andrew Motion (who was later Poet Laureate of the United Kingdom from 1999 to 2009), Paul Hoover, Maxine Chernoff, Edith Konecky, Jonathan Gourlay, Patricia Prime, Arlene Zide and some other very well-known poets and authors. Author of several books in English and Hindi. He was Editor of India’s best known and highest selling investment magazine Dalal Street Investment Journal before starting his own venture Indian Economy & Market.Author can be reached at [email protected]

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