Finding creative solutions to marketing problems

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Finding creative solutions to marketing problems 1

The most sought after person in the OOH business world, Sanjeev Gupta, Founder & MD, Global Advertisers, is a classic example of an entrepreneur and innovator who represents the new age. His unique approach to his business tactics always gives him the first mover advantage. His extraordinary skills in garnering clients and managing people reflects in his effective leadership which is all too visible as many of his team members have been with him for all of the past two decades. Sanjeev demonstrated his visionary and leadership skills early on in his life while cutting teeth in the business world at his family-owned MM Mithaiwala. In 1996, he was quick to grasp the opportunity as global brands were entering Indian market in a big way who wanted to reach out to the neo-rich spenders with some innovative advertising tools and medium. Thus was born Global Advertisers. But Sanjeev was not happy as someone who also ran, rather he wanted to lead. To reach to the pinnacle he applied all the emerging industry practices and trends and helped his clients to get the best value for their money. Sanjeev has also been at the forefront of multifarious social causes.

How is the advertising world changing?
We are in a transition from a very traditional way of doing things that we have grown comfortable with over many decades to assimilating ‘new’ technologies. Informational democracy is now the state of the marketplace. I think social media is the next hottest trend in advertising but nothing can replace the OOH.

How Global is different?
Global Advertisers always works as per client’s requirements. We cater to fulfill all the demands put forth by the client and bring to light the best execution possible. Our USP is our customized packages for every client as per their delegated budget and proposed requirement. We have created dedicated cells comprising media planners, marketers and operations personnel. These cells are led by enthusiastic men who cater to specific market segments like finance, retailing, and the entire world of entertainment in India.

What is your biggest strength?
My strength is my team which consists of best professionals who are able to turn client’s need into campaign execution by strategic planning. At Global, we update our packages for clients as requirements knock our doorsteps. There have been many successful and gratifying moments along the way. Recently, Global Advertisers engraved its name in the prestigious India Book Of Records for having the Most Number Of Prime Hoardings.

What you wish to achieve in next two years?
Being one of the giants in the field, we really want to stay the course in terms of our focus on clients, our independence, and our transparency. But of course, there are always changes around us that we must react to. We wish to compliment it by providing even more consultative services, strategic direction, insight and education. We’re also planning to grow our footprint across the country to serve clients in more varied locations in India.

Define yourself in one sentence.
Perseverence, hard work, treating others as I would want to be treated, and lots of prayer. I love finding creative solutions to marketing problems. I bring people who are “selling” things together with those who wish to “purchase” them. I work closely with my employees on both the account management and creative side of business. The reasons for our stellar achievements over the years is very much attributed to our team which includes my brothers, Rajeev, Amit and Vicky, but first and foremost to our guru, Radhe Maa.

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