Announcement: IE&M Multi-millionaire Portfolio

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While launching this portfolio in early January this year we had selected 20 stocks covering 12 sectors. The logic was to get the maximum benefit of diversification as the situation of equity market was fluid. As the chain of events increased rapidly in these four months the market situation has not changed much. However, we are replacing 5 stocks with 3 new entrants in the portfolio. Our esteemed readers should sell 5 stocks and use that money to buy the 3 new stocks.

Read the below table carefully. This is the table when invested amount is Rs 5 lakh. Those who haves invested 3 lakhs can buy accordingly in the same proportion. The portfolio, although in negative, has performed better than the Sensex.

Have faith and be invested.

Announcement: IE&M Multi-millionaire Portfolio 1

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IE&M Team
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