COLLOQUY: Mrs Leena Kamat Prabhu, Creating India’s First Domestic Cruise Ship

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Mrs Leena Kamat Prabhu, is the iron lady behind the massive Luxury Cruise-liner, which has been able to promote change in the Indian Maritime sector with its thrust in the marine tourism sector. This includes a major thrust on enthusing more travelers to travel and holiday on Indian seas and also use sea routes for water transport as well as corporate and social events. Angriya, operational since October 2018, is India’s first domestic cruise ship. She belongs to two respected families, paternal as well as maternal, who had been at the forefront during the freedom struggle. So compassion and humility are by default a part of her characteristic.

What is your philosophy of life?

Be Positive and Keep Smiling. Life goes a full circle. You cannot always remain at the top of the wheel. So be humble and have gratitude and most importantly stay grounded. Everyone has their shares of UPs n DOWNs so remind yourself of the DOWNs to keep grounded and thank the Almighty for having given you the opportunity to rise and shine. Also remember: When the Going gets Tough, The Tough Get Going.

Your routine?

The last few years, with Angriya’s entry into our lives it has been hectic. Since we were redesigning the ship it was a completely different experience. Staying onboard which was more like staying at a construction site and see the labour of so many people’s passion creating India’s first Domestic Cruise Ship. Traveling, meeting people, working long hours, staying away from family…Things have changed. Now morning begins with a Yoga online class alternating with a Kathak online class other 3 days. Cooking, Cleaning, Housework, Family, Work calls, some painting, music…days are busier than I had thought. But, catching up with things that were pushed aside due to work priority and spending time with family are good.

Your defining moments?

When the Ship came to Mumbai for the onset of work, I decided to temporarily shift from Goa to the ship to oversee the work. My entry into the Mumbai Port will be memorable as till that time women were not allowed to stay inside Port after sunset. I fought my way and finally after some convincing I was accepted and things eased out for Women’s access into Port. We had this evacuation drill, where I went down the Marine Evacuation Chute, draped in a Saree, basically to be convinced that in an emergency a woman in saree also can evacuate, safely and effectively.

How you make balance between various passions?

I find time early morning and evenings to follow my interests – music, arts. It’s possible to pursue them now, since I’m at home. It has a lot to do with managing your time well and keeping yourself organized.

Which of your personality traits, you feel, hasn’t been widely known?

I love a lot of detailing and take efforts to achieve them. Since I have an artistic inclination I’m quite focused on colours and aesthetics and prefer to be hands on when need be.

Any regrets that you wish to share?

No Regrets. Everything that comes your way is destined and you just keep playing your part in the most dedicated and truthful manner.

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