COLLOQUY: Ravish Kamath, CEO, Big Bags International

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Ravish Kamath, CEO of Big Bags International is a first-generation entrepreneur, and also the Chairman of industry body PLEXCONCIL. Big Bags International has a team of over 3,000 personnel in state-of-the-art facilities with an ability to produce over 9 million FIBCs every year selling in every part of India and overseas. Big Bags International has so many first to its credit – the first manufacturers of PE Laminated Tarpaulins in South India; first manufacturers of Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers; and first manufacturers of Woven Fabric on Circular Looms in India. It won the Best Export Award consecutively for 4 years and recognised as Export house by GOI.

What is your philosophy in life?

My philosophy in life is to carve out a very distinctive identity for myself in the chosen areas – both in personal and professional spheres. The secret of living a happy and successful life is to live in the present – live one moment at a time; one day at a time. While I have a future strategy, vision and mission, I keep my focus and faith on the present. I give 100% to my present and what I am doing now. I learn the lessons from the past but move on while keeping them in mind during my present in order to shape a better future. 

What is your routine like?

Mangalore has a wonderful climate and weather – so my day starts early with exercise, yoga and meditation. I reach office little early as I believe that a lot of work can be done in the mornings with a fresh mind. I believe in having a proper schedule for lunch. I believe in management by walking around (MBWA) rather than sitting in one place/ cabin (sitting is the new smoking). I interact with team members; walk around to get a fresh perspective and ideas, and come back charged up. I avoid late sittings and come home to spend quality time with family. I have an early dinner and then enjoy reading or watching news. I listen to music to free my mind from the vibes of the day. 

Your defining moment?

For every businessman or entrepreneur, the most defining moment is the birth of a new enterprise. Today, Big Bags International Private Ltd. is one of India’s leading producers of flexible intermediate bulk containers, selling virtually to every part of the globe. Following a tentative beginning in 1993, with innovation at the core, our fixed gaze was on developing engineering solutions that would overpower complex problems to provide customers with a precious commodity – peace of mind. At that nascent stage, we responded to the market’s need for customer-oriented FIBC’s. The foundational core commitment to continuously serve customers soon established us as pioneers and leaders with the ability to produce over 9 million FIBC’s a year. We envision one day in the foreseeable future, Big Bags International will shape the future of the FIBC industry because safety stands at the pinnacle of our priorities, integrity is non-negotiable, and the organizational heart is consistently geared toward customer satisfaction. 

How do you strike balance between your various passions?

I believe the time management is the essence or the core secret of a multi-facetted diverse life full of multiple passions. Time management is both an art and a science – several leaders and CEOs have refined it and thus they get success. 

Which of your personality traits which are not widely known?

There are several personality traits that are submerged like the bottom of the iceberg. It is better that way – when secrets come out slowly and gradually there is always something left to discover. I love travelling and exploring new foreign lands. Whenever I finish my work in a country I take some time out and travel across the countryside. It helps me understand the end-customer and also soothes and relaxes me. 

Any regrets that you wish to share in your business journey?

My regret (on which I am working hard) is that Indian exports and Indian exporters should have got their due and much larger/ higher significant share of plastics exports many years back. India’s share of plastics exports needs to touch at least 5-10% of the market. Now with the shifting global trade dynamics, we have the best possible opportunity to assert our leadership position and multi-dimensional advantages. Time for India!

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