Ascent’s Pain Management and Assistive Products Easing Life of Millions – Rajiv Mistry

Ascent’s Pain Management and Assistive Products Easing Life of Millions
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With a vision for a Pain-Free India, Rajiv, an engineer by qualification, started his journey as an entrepreneur in 1991 with Flamingo, the flagship brand of Ascent Meditech. Under his able leadership and guidance, brand Flamingo has stepped into new geographies as well as grown from a single product brand to becoming the umbrella brand of 350+ products across categories. The prevalence of sedative lifestyle has given birth to new age diseases among today’s millennials. Ascent’s pain management and assistive products are available across four major categories – Orthopaedic Soft Goods, Healthcare, Wound-care, and Mobility.

What is your philosophy of life?

My philosophy of life is to live life king-size and myself/ others achieve dreams, ambitions, and aspirations. We want to transform lifestyles and redefine lives! Through our acts and deeds, we seek to inspire people to overcome health-fitness challenges and get on with their lives in order to achieve status, position, identity, and success. With actor Hrithik Roshan in our TVC, brand Flamingo has crafted its new campaign under the umbrella thought of ‘what you do, ultimately matters’. You can dream and aspire to excel in any field but if you are challenged by any physical disability, then Flamingo – An Aid For A New Life – is there to support you as it has been doing for 28 years.

What is your routine like?

I start my day early with physical exercise followed by spiritual practices before I head to work, which involves intense mental and emotional exercise. I aspire to eat right at the right time despite engaging in various elements of stress and strife during the daily work routine. I love to catch up with my children in the night at home (and on holidays) and have healthy conversations with them. I also love to read and engage in other hobbies and interests.

Your defining moments?

In 1991, we started manufacturing and marketing health belts. In 1998, we launched the Cold Therapy range. In 2005, we launched Orthopaedic Soft Goods. In 2010, we launched Wound-care aids or Bandages. In 2015, we launched Mobility Aids. In 2018, we received private equity funding from Leapfrog Investments. In 2020, we launched Personal Protection Range.

How do you balance your various passions?

Life is always about balance and balancing various diverse elements in life. The key to balance various passions is to manage time and delegate tasks and responsibilities. However, before I delegate, I always empower my team members to help them go beyond their abilities and capabilities. Multi-tasking is the key to managing various passions and preoccupations.

Which of your personality traits, you feel, has not been widely known?

My constant pursuit of happiness by pursuing excellence! The Rolls Royce reflects the silent spirit of ecstasy inspiring us to perfection in everything we do – with its unparalleled combination of pace, elegance, engineering, and hand-craftsmanship. In work, I believe in Service, Service, Service!

Any regrets that you wish to share?

My beloved mother and wife are sadly no more and I regret their absence as they used to inspire me to greater glory. My entrepreneurial journey started in 1991 and still continues – but I wanted to achieve much more; faster and in a shorter time. There is so much to do and achieve in terms of the 4Ps of marketing.

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