I Believe You Grow As Human Being, By Learning and Unlearning – Komal Piyush Somani

Komal Piyush Somani, Founder & Director, Resvera Wines Pvt. Ltd
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Komal Piyush Somani, Founder & Director, Resvera Wines Pvt. Ltd., has a passion for creativity and standing out in the ordinary because she strongly feels ‘we all are a brand and if we don’t brand ourselves, who will.’ Her philosophy is to age like wine, learn on every step of life, and get better with every experience. For being current and updated she has her books which have a special place in her heart.

What is your philosophy of life?

The philosophy is to have a perfect blend between my personal and professional life, not by mixing the two but by spacing them enough. I have to be innovative, make sure that everything is up to the mark, and that my team stays on the same page while doing so. On the other hand, being a mother is a challenge in itself, here I have to take things slow and act with patience and perseverance. And with ever-growing technology these days I always have to learn and unlearn things. I believe that’s how you grow as a human being, by learning and unlearning.

What is your routine like?

My life revolves around my family, work, and friends. I start my day pretty early. The priority is definitely my children, spending time with them which usually ends with a hearty vegan breakfast. I head to work and get the bees buzzing, everything has to be perfect, my day is pretty aligned and planned. I make it a priority to have lunch with my team whenever possible as I believe the ones that eat together grow together. One of the biggest highlights of the day that cannot miss reading books as it is extremely vital for my soul.

Your defining moments? 

I have always had a passion for being an entrepreneur. The goal of being an entrepreneur was to build a healthy work environment that inspired my colleagues to work as hard as I do. This goal of mine was appreciated when ESDS was recognized as one of the top Great Places to Work in the entire nation, and later when it was ranked number #15 in entire Asia for the same reason.

How do you make a balance between your various passions?

It is all about prioritizing and forecasting the outcome. I juggle only those passions which I know I could reap the fruit in the future. When I do that, I make it a point to refrain from other distractions. Creative pursuits can be overwhelming and draining. Strategic planning often brings me out of the clutter.
I prefer to work out my different passions this way.

Which of your personality traits has not been widely known?

I have an urge and strive to achieve everything that is cultivated authentically, redoing & duplicating things puts me off. Well, that’s how we crafted Jamun wine which is the most difficult to create because of the fruit’s age span. We actually broke the status quo and that’s how my style of work goes, if it’s not giving me an adrenaline rush it is not for me.

Any regrets that you wish to share?

Every moment of life is probably aligned with the universe and is a planned divine journey for your metamorphosis. What you are today is all about the lessons & hurdles you crossed, I am not sure our stronger self today would exist if we were not to put to the test. So calling them regrets would be the wicked way to coin it, I would call them lessons and stepping stones to success.

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