Afghanistan is a major loss of prestige for the US and the debacle won’t be over soon.
Joe Biden
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The 46th POTUS is leading the US to fall from the grace. After the takeover of Afghanistan, the Taliban says sharia is global: they want democratic rule of law to be replaced by Islamic sharia the world over. And to do that they are now armed with the most modern military equipment, all abandoned by the US armed forces in hasty exit unplanned by Washington. All blame for the loss of lives – local Afghanis and ex-pats – and the creation of an official Jihadist state is directed to the White House.

The actions leading to the fall of Afghanistan in the hands of Taliban, after near two-generational social-military intervention by the successive administrations, Joe Biden, the 46th President of the US, has proved he was never made of a world leader material. He has set the US on an inglorious path. Surely, his predecessor Donald Trump would have done a better job. Democracy gives enough space for a leader to be a ruthless dictator as long as the country’s sovereign interests are held paramount and citizens’ life and property is protected.

Afghanistan is a major loss of prestige for the US. Not only their allies from Israel to Taiwan, Japan will start doubting US commitments but its trading partners in South America and Saudi Arabia too will look with suspicion at every gesture of the promises made to them. NATO now has no trustworthy leader in the New World Order and is splitting at the seams. The mental health decline of Joe Biden is now plain for all to see.

The Afghan debacle won’t be over soon. It’s like Pearl Harbor or the 9/11 event where the aftershocks go on for years. The results will be mostly negative in the emerging world that depends heavily on US security guarantees. After 20 years of invasion and 20 years before that of social experimenting with Mujahideens by the US, is this pull-out deliberately made chaotic and murderous only to manufacture consent for continuing the war for years on?

The US went into the war on terror against the Taliban in the first place because the group harbored on their soil a US-designated terrorist mastermind of 9/11. The Taliban is now equipped with Blackhawk helicopters and $85 billion worth of sophisticated military hardware, all for free.

Thanks to Joe Biden. Et Tu POTUS.

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