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          Mechanical Data (size in cms)

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Full Page Bleed: 26.5 x 20.0

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Full Page Non-Bleed: 24.0 x 18.0

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         Advertisement Rates:

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Back Cover Rs 1, 20,000/-

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First Inside Cover Rs 80,000/-

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Full Page Colour inside
pages: Rs 50,000/-

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Quarter Page – Rs 20,000/- for one insertion; Rs 18000/- for two and Rs 15000/- for three and more insertion each.

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Special Package for Long Term Associates/ Advertorials

Parties interested to have a long term association a package deal is designed, which is negotiable, under which the following services are provided-

  • To start with a full page interview with the CMD/ CFO (approximately 550-600 words with a profile photo) to let our readers and your potential customers know all about the activities of the company.
  • Two announcements in a news feature form to be published as and when it is required.
  • Confirmed participation in any story in future concerning the sector.
  • Four advertisement in a year (12 months from the month we start) and the size of the advertisement will be – Vertical one column         (Width55cmX220mmHeight) OR Horizontal at the bottom of the page (Width66mmX175mmHeight). However, there wouldn’t be a fixed     page, but it will be on the left side page (odd page numbers).
  • On our website – One link ad that will navigate the user to directly land at the company website.

All the advertisements will be desgined at the advertiser’s end as per the above mentioned size. The choice to pay either in full advance (with a 7.5% reduction) or scattered in two installments in a year. For the above mentioned services please contact at [email protected]