Staying away from banking stocks makes sense

By IE&M Research The banking system has been witnessing unprecedented stress and reputational risk since many years. The banking stability indicators as set out in

Bad is Good

By IE&M Research The phoney financial markets currently flirting with record highs and the underlying real economy struggling with earnings and job growth are exhibiting

The Great Indian Banking Puzzle

By IE&M Research Banks are not doing well in their core business, but their shares are trading high. Valuations are rich, but the risks of

Maximum farmer-suicides not due to moneylenders

By IE&M Research According to the data, “bankruptcy and indebtedness” farmer-suicides witnessed the sharpest spike in 2015, registering an almost threefold increase (3,097) as compared

NBFCs are growing faster than banks

By IE&M Research According to PwC India by 2020, credit lending by Indian non-banking finance companies (NBFCs) is expected to account for anywhere between 18.2%

Digital finance to boost phenomenal growth

By IE&M Research Financial inclusion is still a far fetched dream despite all the government’s initiative. With investment in research and development of less than

RBI eases norms for PE, VC investments

By IE&M Research The RBI has allowed Foreign Venture Capital Investors (FVCIs) registered with the SEBI to invest in private companies in several sectors without