MFIs: Modern Banking & Economic Empowerment

Housing for all. Jobs for all. Health and education for all. But first; Finance for all. Micro-finance institutions (MFIs) charged by innovative, digital technologies and

Social Media and Financial Markets

By Pallavi Kolhapure – Shah, Co Founder, Prose Integrated Social media is a forum for people to form groups, express opinions, share feelings and discuss

Equity Index Isn’t Economic Barometer

The magic measure is a complicated code that pivots people’s psyche The truth shall set you free; but first, it makes you angry. Repeatedly, investors

Real Estate (Regulation & Dev.) Act, 2016

By Girish Rao, Advocate & Solicitor (For Lex Consultus) It is argued that the Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act, 2016, which strives to protect

India’s Decade: Window of Opportunity

There is no progress without change. But nothing changes until something changes. Since the change in government at the centre in 2014, incremental change here,