Company Analysis

What will prick the bubble!

The current rally in the equity market has a clear and resounding message, ignore the economy and buy stocks. The sharp rise in the equity

Markets are resilient

What to do before they bounce back! Mr JR Mehta, in an article published in our December 2019 issue, had suggested investors to book profit

IOL Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

Certainly a potential multibagger By Pratit Nayan Patel Established in 1986, IOL Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals Ltd. (IOLCP) is India’s one of the leading generic pharmaceutical

NESCO A stock for the Next Generation

By Gaurav Khanna Nesco Limited is a diversified Company in four business segments viz., IT Parks, Exhibition Centre, Foods and Indabrator. While the Indian promoters

Evolving continuously

By Pratit Nayan Patel Granules India Ltd. Granules India Limited is a large-scale vertically integrated Company founded in 1991 manufacturing Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API), Pharmaceutical

KEC International Ltd.

By Pratit Nayan Patel A Company with huge potential Incorporated in 1945, RPG group’s KEC International Limited, together with its subsidiaries, primarily engages in engineering,