Samvat 2078

Samvat 2078: What investors may expect?

Investors may use the Samvat 2078 to create a long-term portfolio for solid wealth creation as the coming year, though expected to give a nominal return, is also set to see a lot of volatility.

Indian Economy

Moody’s upgrades India outlook to ‘stable’

Moody’s Investors Service has affirmed India’s sovereign rating at Baa3, the lowest investment grade while upgrading the country’s outlook to ‘stable’ from ‘negative’. It had,

SIP or VIP, What is Your Choice?

SIP or VIP, What is Your Choice?

Though the VIP reaps more returns, the SIP still stands a good investment strategy for the investors who don’t want to invest in a lump sum and want to invest steadily in mutual funds. However, investors who are willing to reach the targeted amount and can change the investment amount for the VIP will be a good option.

Can Playing Poker Make You a Better Investor

Can Playing Poker Make You a Better Investor?

To win in games or investing, you have to be at least one step ahead of your counterpart. Many successful names believe that playing poker is the best off-time activity to improve investing skills. Some well-known names who play poker are Jack Ma, and David Einhorn, co-founder of the hedge fund Greenlight Capital.

Investment Magnet Sectors in 2021

Investment Magnet Sectors of India in 2021

Although some industries, like manufacturing, will revert to physical workspaces, there is likely to be a greater tendency to hybrid models that blend working from home and trips to the workplace, once the pandemic is behind us.