P. Raja

Search Within You

Name the Seven Wonders of the World. I asked my granddaughter, Ranji Sant. Like a parrot, she repeated all that she had learnt from history

On Shaking Hands

I always love to shake the hands of writers. When I do so I say, “It’s nice to shake the hand that writes” and love

Peeping into the Privacy of Writers

Writing is a private affair. No writer ever wants a reader over his shoulder when he makes love to the immaculate white sheet of paper

Say Happy New Year with an Apple

The very word apple makes scientists think of Newton and his laws of gravitation; learned men, the fall of uxorious Adam. For the laymen, the

Be Men among Beasts

Givers are of two kinds – First, those who have the mind to give but can’t because they have nothing to give, and second, those

Huh, What A Hair!

Centuries ago, nobody knows if this happened in B.C. or in A.D., a giant making an escape from a thick jungle entered a forest quite

The Dancing Doll and the Pot

A dancing doll kept to adorn the bookshelf of a scholar looked at the pot kept on the floor and asked: “Hei! Look here. Look