Mutual Funds

SIP or VIP, What is Your Choice?

How to Select a Mutual Fund

There are thousands of funds to choose from, scattered among dozens of investment categories. How can investors find the best funds that fit their needs, goals, and risk tolerance?

Using Mutual Fund to Become ‘Crorepati’

Mutual Fund and Wealth Creation

Many of us believe that wealth is a privilege of few. However, the reality is that even if you have little money to save and

SIP or VIP, What is Your Choice?

SIP or VIP, What is Your Choice?

Though the VIP reaps more returns, the SIP still stands a good investment strategy for the investors who don’t want to invest in a lump sum and want to invest steadily in mutual funds. However, investors who are willing to reach the targeted amount and can change the investment amount for the VIP will be a good option.

How Do I Buy My First Mutual Fund?

How Do I Buy My First Mutual Fund?

There are various types, categories, and sub-categories of mutual funds available which make investing in mutual funds for the first time, a daunting task.

Why Investors fancy passive ETFs

By Santanu Chakraborty Indian mutual fund investors are running out of patience as most active funds are unable to beat their benchmarks. More than 80%

5 Best Equity Mutual Fund Schemes

By IE&M Research Mutual fund investment has become the preferred route of investment for many investors; however, investing in only right mutual fund schemes will