Role of PR During Covid-19 Pandemic

Role of PR During Covid-19 Pandemic

The escalation of COVID-19 cases from a relatively small number of cases in China to a global pandemic has transformed every industry and all aspects

Walls to Firewalls - The Future of Banking

Walls to Firewalls – The Future of Banking

Fintech start-up Bharat Pe has been rewarded with a banking license. It raises a lot of questions. What is the ‘future’ bank going to look like? Will the physical walls crumble and give way to firewalls? Dr. KS Ranjani and Dr. Anjali Chopra conducted qualitative research with both customers of digital banking services and financial service providers to understand the drivers of the depth of digital banking adoption.

Dr. Anil Sharma Answering All Your COVID-19 Questions #MustRead

Dr. Anil Sharma Answering All Your COVID-19 Questions #MustRead

Prof Dr. Anil Sharma, MBBS, MD, DM (Cardiology), FACC (USA), Professor & Head – Cardiology at Bombay Hospital, is a renowned Senior Interventional Cardiologist, who has contributed extensively to the growth and development of Interventional Cardiology in India.

9 Gems in the PSU Crown

9 Gems in the PSU Crown

It was the British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher who, in the late 1970s, revived the stagnant British economy with market-based reforms. Privatisation became her most

Too Much Democracy or Mobocracy

Too Much Democracy or Mobocracy

Laws are formed, shaped, and passed in Parliament for the whole nation. A bunch of rowdies from a certain part should not be allowed to derail the process. The farm bill has absolutely no flaw.

China vs Rest of World

The Chinese virus has already claimed 258,356 humans in 170 countries; more than 70,000 in the US alone. Public at large and the world leaders

Am I a Bull? Am I a Bear? No I am a hare

Always considered the big permanent bear, India’s only TRUE Global strategist Mr Shankar Sharma, Vice-Chairman and Joint MD, First Global, thinks otherwise. And he has

Restructuring Mantra

“Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time, more intelligently,” Henry Ford said. Business failure may be just an error of judgment, bad

Reader’s Corner

My 7 points for stock selection The first stock I bought was PVR @ Rs 704 in September 2014. In two months it reached Rs

Knowledge, Wisdom & Temperament

The three most important things required if one wants to significantly outperform the markets, says Ashish Chugh Ashish Chugh is a familiar face to viewers

Who Killed Equity Cult?

By Ashok Jainani Indian investors are a lot more risk averse now than they were about two decades ago. They don’t believe stock market is