IEM's Special Diwali Edition 2023 1

IEM's Special Diwali Edition 2023

Also includes, the Wealth Creation Report with in-depth market analysis

Let the upcoming auspicious Lakshmi Pujan bring yet another shining touch to your investment through in-depth analysis about the growing Indian Economy & Market, given by our esteemed authors & industry experts.

MRP: Rs. 3500  (inc, GST)

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It's here again! Our Research Team is super excited to present the new "IEM's Special Diwali Edition 2023"

Buying will closes on 15 November 2023

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Happy Diwali

What some of our readers say

“The Special Diwali Edition of this magazine was a game-changer for me. The in-depth market analysis and investment insights were spot on. It helped me make informed decisions. I can’t wait for the next edition!”

— Raj Kapadia

“Even as a student, I found the Diwali Edition to be incredibly insightful. It simplified several financial concepts and gave me a clear roadmap for investments. It’s a great resource for anyone looking for detailed analysis about the Indian companies.”

Vivek Gaikwad

“I’m new to the world of markets and company analysis. Your Diwali Editions have been the perfect starting point. It provided a solid foundation for understanding markets and company’s fundamentals. I’m looking forward to the next edition.”

— Priya Mathur

IEM's Special Diwali Edition 2023

MRP: Rs. 3500 (inc, GST)

Booking Closed

For any queries, please WhatsApp or Call us on 70201-45269‬

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