The market provides plenty of scope & enough possibilities to create wealth. Get 50 profitable stocks for short term investment.

InstaWealth, a supplementary of IE&M is designed to provide profitable stocks suggestions for Short Term Investing wherein, the holding period would be one week to one month.

If you're looking for Day-Trading tips, please do no read further.​

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On persistent demand from our subscribers and non-subscribers, IE&M Research Team has been mulling over the idea of presenting thoroughly researched company analysis taking into account the Technical, Fundamental as well as the recent or the forthcoming event. So, no stone’s unturned. And the result is, the supplementary InstaWealth of your favourite magazine Indian Economy & Market.

The Purpose of IE&M's InstaWealth

Basis of Predictive Analysis

There shall be no fixed periodicity

Whenever the Team feels there is an opportunity the recommendation will be communicated. Although this will be irregular; however in 365 days the Team assures 50 stock suggestions and the message will be disseminated in the market hours.

Format for the InstaWealth suggestions

Scrip Name ABC LTD.
CMP Rs 100
Buy Level I (Buy 50% shares here) Rs 99-100
Buy Level II (Another 50% shares here) Rs 94-95
Target I Rs 110
Duration 7 days
Target II Rs 125
Duration 1 month
Stop-loss Rs 89

Please note: If you buy only at the Level 1 price and the first target is achieved then immediately book 50 percent of your holding. For the remaining 50 percent holding now keep your buying price as the Stop Loss.

Our recent performances from Money Multiplier weekly

Stock A suggested basis fundamental analysis on 14th Feb 2021 was up 6% on 16th Feb 2021.
Stock B suggested on the same day basis technical analysis was up 3% on 18th Feb 2021
Stock C suggested basis the news & insights was up 14% on 19th February 2021.

InstaWealth Subscription regular value

Reduced price due to public demand

It comes with one year free digital access to IE&M monthly magazine

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Next price increment to Rs. 6999 soon.

After these offers end, you will be able to buy at regular price of Rs. 11,111/year

Update 19th Feb 20201: First stock suggestion was shared with members, marking the launch of InstaWealth. Every subscriber will receive 50 stock suggestions per year, irrespective of the number of past stocks

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Please don’t confuse it with any kind of Advisory Service. This is not. It is just a Supplement to Indian Economy & Market, the monthly magazine.

Do read what some of our readers have to say!

Bharat KV, London

Bharat KV


I have been reading Indian Economy & Market right from the first issue. I like columns written by some of the best minds. You people really know what a reader wants for his mind, his wallet, his future and bank balance. The detailing about the companies and recommendations give me confidence in the stocks selection. Thank you the team.

Sriram Katla, Bengaluru

Sriram Katla


I find multiple benefits by subscribing Money Multiplier. I get every Sunday the weekly and then the Indian Economy & Market every month for free. It updates me on all required fronts.

Dhaval Pawale, Pune

Dhaval Pawale


Money Multiplier gives a nice fundamental and technical analysis of companies. It is always short and to the point. I get what I want.

Chetashri Vispute, Chennai

Chetashri Vispute


I am very happy. It was the best decision when I subscribed Money Multiplier. I made money with the very first issue when I bought Surya Roshni stock.

Saathi Ghosh, Kolkata

Saathi Ghosh


I will recommend Money Multiplier to anybody who cares to listen to me. Guys just go and grab their offer. You will not regret your decision

Jasneet Kaur, Amritsar

Jasneet Kaur


It was a gift from my uncle who is into stock market. I am thrilled to get so much Gyan every Sunday morning to practice on.

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