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StockRecommended onRecommended atHigh PriceAppreciation %
Aarti Drugs03.04.20205373724609%
IOL Chem03.04.2020194898460%
LAURUS LAB15.06.20204921174.80139%
Granules India03.04.2020141335.75138%
Alembic Pharma03.04.20205321128.9112%
Dhanuka Agritech10.04.2020435935.75115%
Shivalik Rasayan10.04.2020270545102%
Bharat Rasayan10.04.202059881170095%
Divi's Lab03.04.20201901332575%
Coromandel Inter10.04.202052983057%

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Money Multiplier Weekly
  • Money Multiplier is our weekly stock market investment & stock trading analysis digital magazine. It answers some of your regular questions such as, best shares to buy, which company shares to invest in, which stocks to invest in for short-term or for long-term goals, stock trading tips & more.
  • We provide in-depth fundamental & technical analysis with our share market recommendations. It’s very easy to follow that makes you ready for the market from Monday.

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  • One or two technical analysis with buy sell recommendations every week
  • Fully available in digital format
  • It’s easy to read online, because the buy signals are time-sensitive
  • Proven track record of stock recommendations

This 16-20 page password-protected weekly share market digital magazine is published on every Sunday morning/ afternoon. This stock market publication prepares you for the share market in the upcoming week(s). Our share market suggestions will tell you which stocks to buy along with the target price and duration to hold those stocks & stop-loss to set.

Our entire research is also focused on providing the most accurate stocks with detailed analysis about the Indian companies. This weekly analysis in the magazine is easy to follow and, you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to understand it!

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Bharat KV, London
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“I have been reading Indian Economy & Market right from the first issue. I like columns written by some of the best minds. You people really know what a reader wants for his mind, his wallet, his future and bank balance. The detailing about the companies and recommendations give me confidence in the stocks selection. Thank you the team.”
Tejas Sharma
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I am loving it. IE&M + Money Multiplier combo is the most valuable resource I have EVER purchased. Honestly speaking at first I only read but did not take any action. However, I'm on a roll since April. It keeps getting better & better. Exits in green is an amazing feeling.
K. Reddy
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I was a subscriber of Indian Economy & Market's print edition. I used to wait eagerly for courier to arrive & read the stock analysis and recommendations. After this Money Multiplier & print edition became digital, I can get the recommendations in time and have my trading account ready for the market on Sunday night.I was one of the fortunate people to make 25K on single stock in two days.
Bipin Upadhyay
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After my IEM magazine subscription ended last month, so decided to buy this Money Multiplier combo where I got that magazine for free! I would have subscribed to both magazines otherwise considering the value it adds in my share trading opportunities. Definitely recommend it.

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