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This 16-20 page password-protected weekly share market digital magazine is published on every Sunday morning/ afternoon. This stock market publication prepares you for the share market in the upcoming week(s). Our share market suggestions will tell you which stocks to buy along with the target price and duration to hold those stocks & stop-loss to set. 

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Bharat KV, London

Bharat KV


I have been reading Indian Economy & Market right from the first issue. I like columns written by some of the best minds. You people really know what a reader wants for his mind, his wallet, his future and bank balance. The detailing about the companies and recommendations give me confidence in the stocks selection. Thank you the team.

Sriram Katla, Bengaluru

Sriram Katla


I find multiple benefits by subscribing Money Multiplier. I get every Sunday the weekly and then the Indian Economy & Market every month for free. It updates me on all required fronts.

Dhaval Pawale, Pune

Dhaval Pawale


Money Multiplier gives a nice fundamental and technical analysis of companies. It is always short and to the point. I get what I want.

Chetashri Vispute, Chennai

Chetashri Vispute


I am very happy. It was the best decision when I subscribed Money Multiplier. I made money with the very first issue when I bought Surya Roshni stock.

Saathi Ghosh, Kolkata

Saathi Ghosh


I will recommend Money Multiplier to anybody who cares to listen to me. Guys just go and grab their offer. You will not regret your decision

Jasneet Kaur, Amritsar

Jasneet Kaur


It was a gift from my uncle who is into stock market. I am thrilled to get so much Gyan every Sunday morning to practice on.

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