Front-line performer in crop care market

  Insecticides (India) Ltd. (IIL) is India’s leading and one of the fast growing Agrochemicals manufacturing company. IIL has emerged as a front-line performer in

What will prick the bubble!

The current rally in the equity market has a clear and resounding message, ignore the economy and buy stocks. The sharp rise in the equity

Vedanta Delisting

Vedanta Delisting An Opportunistic Attempt!? Delisting public shares from bourses is catching on as corporates are now able to raise bank credit at real negative

Slavery is Freedom

Global state policy driven “Lock-down” in response to the Coronavirus will have multi-dimensional impact on peoples’ lives and behaviour. By Ashok Jainani The coronavirus pandemic

Markets are resilient

What to do before they bounce back! Mr JR Mehta, in an article published in our December 2019 issue, had suggested investors to book profit

Re-Imagining Finance in the Capitalist World

Massive economic cycles indicate that financial markets are not efficient and this inefficiency incites the speculation of the stock market. In the markets, investors build