IEM Prime Referral Program

We’re excited to announce a unique IEM Prime Referral program that gives you an opportunity to Earn an unlimited rewards for every referred subscriber. You can use these Rewards to buy a new subscription or renew your existing subscription.

For example: If you refer 10 Money Multiplier subscribers, you will receive 10% rewards based on the order value. For example, Rs. 899 x 10 = Rs. 8999 worth of rewards. Also, the person you refer will receive 10% discount on their purchase. 

How it works?

Common Q & A

My friend / referred customer is not able to see 10% discount in cart.
They will need to apply your referral code under “Apply Coupons” box and click on “Apply” on the cart page.

I referred a new subscriber, he also purchased one of the products but my referral reward is not showing, why? 
In order to receive your Rewards, the administration team first need to verify the order details and if their subscription is correctly activated. Once it’s verified, it will be marked as “Complete” and you will receive the rewards. 

I don’t have a paid subscription, can I still refer my network?
Yes, you are most welcome. You can accumulate those rewards to buy a new subscription any time.

Suppose, If I have Rs 8999 worth of rewards, does it mean my purchase/renewal can be free?
Yes, of course. That’s the idea behind the referral program to reward our members as much as possible.

Have any questions about the IEM Prime Referral Program? Contact us