Going Glocal?

It has become possible to connect with anyone, anywhere in the world, at any time and logistically, goods and services can be shifted around the globe, while being tracked reliably and the transit time between departure and destination can be estimated with fair precision


The Glory of Bansuri

The most celebrated hero of Indian mythology and history, Lord Krishna was the eighth incarnation of Vishnu. The Vaishnavites call him their lover-god for when

Laughing At Ourselves

Laughing At Ourselves

It is very easy to laugh at others and easier still to laugh with others. But to laugh at ourselves… we need courage, humility and


Who Is More Beautiful Than Me?

A lovely country was once ruled by a beautiful queen who had a more beautiful daughter. The queen was all praise for her daughter that


What an Excellent Competitor to Gold!

It is universally acknowledged that women show more interest in jewellery than men. All women, with a few possible exceptions, pounce at the first opportunity

Unleashing the Power of Women-led MSMEs

There is abundant talk of tapping the ‘demographic dividend’ that could take India to a higher level of sustainable growth. Typically, this term is merely

Rajya Sabha

When R entered in Rajya Sabha

As was already expected from them, considering the number of scrupulous characters becoming a Rajya Sabha MP last few years, they, with their unruly conduct,