A Temple for a Heroine

A Temple for a Heroine

The story of Kannaki is a real-life drama that starts with a romantic note and ends with a message. The heroine of the first epic poem in the Tamil language Sila-pathi-karam

A Sniffer Dog…This Is What I Am

A Sniffer Dog…This Is What I Am

After my retirement I bought a house next door, spending all the money the government gave me for my forty years of service, just to accommodate my entire collection of world literature and history. I would like to say of two real great minds who made me a sniffer dog.

The Sin of Disobedience

For The Sin of Disobedience

“A disobedient son is to be stoned to death,” says ‘The Mosaic Code’ (c. 1000 B.C.). So was the woman of easy virtue. Not only people were stoned; an ox that had killed a man experienced the same fate. 

Free is Poison - Anything free is the most expensive

Free is Poison – Anything free is the most expensive

Whatever is free is squandered. When water is free, it’s wasted. When electricity is free, there’s no motivation to use it wisely. The same holds true for money. If money is free in the hands of politicians/bankers, there is no motivation to invest it wisely.

Startup Ecosystem: Role of Valuation & Profitability

Startup Ecosystem: Role of Valuation & Profitability

If a start-up is successful in building or offering something that is going to solve people’s problems or make their lives easier, then valuations, revenue, and even profit will follow.

Lady Corona’s Crows

Lady Corona, in spite of the curses she has brought on herself, magnanimously blessed writers like me. After the lockdown, I felt incarcerated for no

Sustainable Development Goals

How Sustainable Development Goals translate into business bounties

It was for the first time, around 6 years ago, that the United Nations comprehensively collated 17 SDGs, which broadly included themes like economic inclusion, protection of natural resources, ensuring geopolitical stability, empowerment of women, and reversing climate change. These goals were not just well defined but had clear agendas too, which the participating countries pledged to achieve by 2030. 

Samvat 2078

Samvat 2078: What investors may expect?

Investors may use the Samvat 2078 to create a long-term portfolio for solid wealth creation as the coming year, though expected to give a nominal return, is also set to see a lot of volatility.

How Much Money Does a Man Need?

How Much Money Does a Man Need?

Special On Diwali “How Much Land Does a Man Need?” It is Leo Tolstoy’s very popular story. It describes human nature through what is essentially