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Indian Economy & Market is our monthly magazine for the people who are interested in the Indian economy and markets, helping them to understand the fast changing economic environment around the world. The magazine covers wide ranging topics – almost anything even remotely associated with the economy of India.

The emphasis is to make readers fully empowered so that they can take appropriate financial decision regarding long term investment and personal finances in the long run. We strongly believe in empowering the readers with the right information to build informed, healthy & progressive ecosystem.

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StockRecommended PriceHigh PriceAppreciation %Duration
Dhanusha Agritech43579984%2 Months
Insecticides (India)34753253%2 Months
Coramandel Inter529768.845%2 Months
Mahindra EPC10115150%2 Months
Rallis India217279.4529%2 Months
Shivalik Rasayan27732517%2 Months
IOL Chem194833.80429%4 Months
Aarti Drugs5371300142%3 Months
Sun Pharma37551136%3 Months

These are just a very few of the well-researched stock recommendations we’ve made till date. There are several others. These numbers do not include stock split and bonuses. Our readers have truly multiplied their earning from trading stocks.

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