Big Story

Domestic Market Outlook: Play Safe

By G Chokkalingam, Founder and Managing Director, Equinomics Research By last week (ended on October 1), the domestic market has completely recovered the entire loss

Reliance Weds Future

Winds of change are blowing. Yes, we can feel it everywhere. Few rise against the wind like kite. However, many genuflect to the winds of

Rule of Law vs Rule by Law

It’s the Right that ultimately wins in the fight between the might and the right By Ashok Jainani A certain villager Deenanath’s daughter is kidnapped,

A Big Reset

The corona virus pandemic and the subsequent lockdown willshed global growth by about 5% this year that would further acutely tilt the balance towards “haves”

RBI, SEBI – Who’re You Fooling?

Why RBI, SEBI and MoF always feel obliged to bow before the so-called too-big-to-fail. What’s the sanctity of those financial market regulations that don’t stand

El Nino effect on Agriculture Produce

It is confirmed that 2019 is the year of the El Nino, a natural phenomenon, which usually occurs every 4-5 years. When it occurs, India’s

The “small” and “big” of NPAs

Prof. K.S. Ranjani & Prof. Poonam Singh Unlike mainstream banking which is increasingly fraught with instances of fraud, the default in the microfinance industry is largely

Financial inclusion the Blockchain way

By Prof. K. S. Ranjani and Prof. Mukundan Blockchain has become the buzzword in both academic research and application solutions. It seems to be the