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Anil Ambani - Rise of a Phoenix

Anil Ambani – Rise of a Phoenix

There is a fall from the grace of his group in the last twelve years, nevertheless, the position is getting better and is much better than a year ago. This is in spite of the continuous bashing by a fifth-generation politician.

News, Views & Lies in Between

News, Views & Lies in Between

There is no difference between advertising products and peddling opinions in the press because they are paid to. Media barons’ business model and the belief that society will continue to produce similar response always and ever is terribly misplaced

Privatization has to be different from disposing of family silver

Privatization has to be different from disposing of family silver

If the government lays its full power on this and does not permit either unions or the bureaucracy or the opposition to disrupt its plan, this will certainly be a game-changer for the Indian economy. Otherwise, it will be nothing but the disposing of the family silver. And the mere dismantling of public sector undertakings that have played a crucial role in nation-building will prove poisonous for the country.

High Time to Bury the Legacy

High Time to Bury the Legacy

Whether against Vodafone or Cairn, the cost in terms of time and spoiled investment ambiance for the nation is much above any rewards to the exchequer. The government’s intention of imposing the sovereign right to tax will create tremendous confusion or misperception and adversely affect the investment atmosphere. For a nation famished of private investment in infrastructure, this is self-defeating policymaking. The NDA government would have scrapped the remorseful provisions of the Income-tax in its first Budget itself.

Can Playing Poker Make You a Better Investor

Can Playing Poker Make You a Better Investor?

To win in games or investing, you have to be at least one step ahead of your counterpart. Many successful names believe that playing poker is the best off-time activity to improve investing skills. Some well-known names who play poker are Jack Ma, and David Einhorn, co-founder of the hedge fund Greenlight Capital.

NBFCs: RBI to Revise Regulatory Framework for a Stricter Control

NBFCs: RBI to Revise Regulatory Framework for a Stricter Control

The Central Bank’s framework to constrict inspection of large NBFCs is crucial for fiscal steadiness. The shift from a common line of light touch control to one that screens larger players almost as closely as it does banks is a welcome move. This could be the biggest refurbishment of the governing structure for such finance companies or shadow banks in over twenty years if executed effectively. 

Domestic Market Outlook: Play Safe

By G Chokkalingam, Founder and Managing Director, Equinomics Research By last week (ended on October 1), the domestic market has completely recovered the entire loss

Reliance Weds Future

Winds of change are blowing. Yes, we can feel it everywhere. Few rise against the wind like kite. However, many genuflect to the winds of

Rule of Law vs Rule by Law

It’s the Right that ultimately wins in the fight between the might and the right By Ashok Jainani A certain villager Deenanath’s daughter is kidnapped,

A Big Reset

The corona virus pandemic and the subsequent lockdown willshed global growth by about 5% this year that would further acutely tilt the balance towards “haves”

RBI, SEBI – Who’re You Fooling?

Why RBI, SEBI and MoF always feel obliged to bow before the so-called too-big-to-fail. What’s the sanctity of those financial market regulations that don’t stand