Knowledge Series

Re-Imagining Finance in the Capitalist World

Massive economic cycles indicate that financial markets are not efficient and this inefficiency incites the speculation of the stock market. In the markets, investors build

Infosys’ Dilemma

After two years again, Infosys is under public scrutiny with accusations of impropriety. Some whistleblowers, lashed with emails and recordings to support their claims, have

Inverted yield curve

Does it really predict a recession?  Many consider the inverted yield curve as an ultimate indicator of recession. Studies show that recession follows almost 15-16

The American Tailwind

Warren Buffett’s recently released much-awaited letter to shareholders focuses mainly on Berkshire Hathaway, but there are some important investing principles which needs a relook like

What GDP measures?

Read on this lovely piece extracted from Robert F. Kennedy’s speech at the University of Kansas on March 18, 1968 about the fundamental shortcomings of

William D. Gann’s Truth of the Stock Tape

William Delbert Gann developed many technical analysis tools. His trading methods based on time and price analysis made it possible to determine not only when