Mr Sunil Bharti Mittal, how long you and your cabal will exercise undue control over national resources?

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By Ashok Jainani

Why do you only see and are vocal about problems of the telecom sector of which your companies enjoy huge market share. Why can’t you see, voice and seek for similar concessions for your and our countrymen – a Joe fitter, a Chhedilal plumber and a Rohidas farmer.

A 30+% of their annual earnings is taken away by direct/indirect tax authorities and another 30% is taken away by banks on their card and other EMIs. These ordinary folks don’t have wherewithal just like you have number of ways to avoid taxes, and get your statutory payment dues delayed by more than 25 years.

The telecom lobby is seeking delay of another 20 years. It is as bad as not paying your dues and seeking banks/court intervention to further enjoy not paying the same while your countrymen suffer. This amounts to exercising undue control over national resources.

Taking the same argument that you are blabbering on CNBC, if EMIs or taxes of Joe, Chhedilal and Rohidas are given 20 years moratorium in addition to 25 years (that you have already enjoyed on AGR dues), they would be able to live happily and see their children improve their living standard. Why are you concerned and vocal only about improving your life and your children/friends living standards?

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