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Vaisan Petroleum Pvt. Ltd.

In view of continuous R&D in the automobile industry, latest engine oil are being introduced from time to time for use in the vehicles, to have fuel economy and also to comply with the emission standards. As such, the demand of the engines on the lubricant quality is also becoming more and more stringent. To meet the demand, new high performance oils are continuously being introduced by Vaisan Petroleum to keep in pace with the challenging requirements of the new engine technology. The Managing Directors of the Company Mr Sanjay Patil, Mr Vaibhav Chalke and Mr Ganesh Patil share here the achievements of the company and their future plans.

Where Only Quality Matters 1How it all started?

It started when we could sense how people were slowly started taking an interest in the quality of the lubricant for obvious reasons and were also ready to pay for quality product. Vaisan Petroleum Pvt Ltd. was incorporated in 2011 and our Head Office is in Silvassa. However, the overall marketing, administrative matters and the day-to-day activities of the Company are looked after from Thane. Our products are marketed under the trade name “BIO POWER” and manufacturing Unit located at Piparia – Silvassa.

How you aim to provide quality products?

We provide products at a price that reflects true value along with unparalleled support services by highly trained and well motivated work force meeting customer expectations and requirements. We fulfill customer needs through our reliable and on time delivery. Always keeping in line with the changing and growing technologies we try to develop cordial working environment with motivated employees.

Do you offer any after-sales services?

Yes. Our technical service department offers services in trouble shooting, problem solving, lube oil management & energy management. To attain maximum satisfaction for our clients we provide international quality products and services.

Do you have any expansion plan in near future?

The Company is poised for further growth and there are plans to launch new products meeting national as well as international specifications in order to cater the demand of high performance lubricants in Automotive, Agriculture and Engineering Industries.

What are the ultimate goals of the Company?

We want to be the best. Our vision is to be the foremost Indian Lubricant Manufacturing Company which is admired for its quality products, reliable performance and best services with a perspective of global excellence. Zero Detect in manufacturing and 100% customer’s satisfaction are our aims and objectives.

Where Only Quality Matters 2
Neeraj Chibber
CEO, Vaisan Petroleum

Can you mention some of your star products?

There are many. So I would like to mention here only some of the products. VAISAN 4T GOLD 20W40 is a high performance engine oil which gives excellent protection to Engine, Clutch & Gear System (ECG). It is superior premium quality multi grade petrol engine oil which is recommended for 4 & 2 Stroke Motorbikes. To cater this segment there are another two products – first VAISAN 4T PLATINUM 10W30 which is again a high performance engine oil which is compatible with catalytic exhaust system. The third is VAISAN 4T 20W40 which is also compatible with catalytic exhaust system

The second is VAISAN PREMIUM 15W50, most advanced performance engine oil designed to provide ultimate wear protection for a smooth driving experience every time. Vaisan Front Fork Oil is specially developed for application in front fork assemblies of two wheelers. VAISAN PREMIUM 2T OIL is suitable for all two stroke engines using petrol as a fuel. Vaisan Engine Flush is a highly effective detergent additive in Engine Flush clean interior engine before oil change. Removes Deposits, residues from all 4-stroke gasoline engines and diesel engines. Vaisan RADIATOR FAST FLUSH is effective formula to clean cooling system in an engine. Removes rust, sludge & scale deposits in the radiator.

ENGINE OIL TONIC is a revolutionary engine treatment based on over 6 years of proven scientific research and development to help all small engines work at peak performance and it is recommended for all petrol engines. ULTRATECH 15W40 TURBO – CH4 is extra premium Multi grade Petrol / Diesel Engine Oil suitable for charged Turbo, Taxi’s, Passenger cars, tractor & Petrol / Diesel 3/4 wheelers.

Vaisan 20w40 Multigrade is a premium quality multi grade petrol / diesel engine oil suitable for Tractor, turbo charged Taxi’s, Passenger cars & all petrol / diesel 3/4 Wheelers. VAISAN PREMIUM 20w50 CNG OIL is specially formulated to ensure stay-in-grade performance even under the most severe shear conditions encountered in 3-wheeler CNG applications, thus reducing oil consumption. VAISAN Superior 20w50 is high performance engine oil for 4 stroke motorbikes. This engine oil is manufactured from genuine extra premium based oil.

Vaisan Chain Cleaner removes slug and metallic dust quickly and dissolves dirt and grease. The product is very good and does not damage the chain in the process. RUST REMOVER – 40 is a single component modified acid with different additive base rust removal. NO RAT REPELLENT is a smell and taste based product, which prevents rats from getting close to the car engines especially the cables, once sprayed properly. VAISAN Silicon Liquid polish is a multipurpose polish for sparkling shine which protects and preserves original finish. VAISAN Super Shine Polish is a product to make your Bike or Car shine after cleaning or getting it serviced.

Vaisan Ultimate Ep-90 Gear oil is premium quality extreme pressure gear oil, blended with solvent refined high viscosity index with extremely good oxidation stability oil. Vaisan Extreme 80W 90 GL-5 is a premium quality extreme pressure multi-grade gear oil blended from highly solvent refined base stocks and fortified with carefully selected extreme pressure additives package to provide unmatched extreme pressure protection, anti-rust, anti-corrosion and anti-oxidation properties. Vaisan GEAR SAVER 85W140 (GL-5) Gear oil is extreme pressure gear oil which provides superior protection, thermal stability and superior EP properties to that of a mineral oil. Vaisan Brake Fluid DOT 4 is based on polyethylene glycol ether technology to provide the highest level of brake and clutch performance in modern as well as older model automotive and commercial vehicles. Vaisan Brake Fluid DOT 4 is recommended by for use in applications requiring disc, drum and anti-skid braking systems used in average to high performance vehicles requiring DOT 3 or DOT 4 level.

VAISAN AW-32 HYDRAULIC OIL ISO VG 32 is premium lightweight paraffinic based hydraulic oil, ideal for industrial applications or for the hydraulic systems in cold weather regions. Power Steering Fluid – ATF TQ is suitable for use in vehicles with automatic transmissions fork lift and Trucks and recommended for power steering of commercial utility & passenger vehicles. Mp3 Grease is a high quality CALCIUM based NLGI 3 multipurpose grease suitable for both automotive and industrial applications.

You have a coolant too?

Yes. Vaisan Coolant is a very special coolant which is suitable for Indian atmosphere. It protects engine from heat at higher load. It also protects radiator from corrosion & rusting. It uses high quality prism polymer based antiscalant, antioxidants, Antifoamers, stabilizers and red fluorescent red dye. It is safe for rubber hoses and engine parts and recommended for Indian car as well as foreign collaborated all types of long motor vehicles.

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