A silent but highly effective revolution is in the offing that is going to be a game-changer in the annals of Indian defence services, thanks to DEORC, the Dedicated Electro Optic Repair Centre.

A under-one-roof facility specialising in repair and upgradation of Electro Optic systems over a wide spectrum of utility platforms including combat tanks operated by the Indian Army, portable hand held devices, among other several verticals, DEORC, envisaged under the Atmanirbhar Bharat program, focuses on providing precision centric, high quality solutions for Electro Optic maintenance.

The operational approach is to identify the disarrayed devices, trouble shoot to analyse the problem areas, if necessary, not only replace the defective components, but also the sensors for upgradation, which may entail hardware/software reinforcement, all aimed at upscaling the units to match performance of the latest technically advanced devices.

“Our logistics comprises accepting the near-scrap devices, strip them open, replace the components, refurbish them with latest circuits and infuse latest, durable, most modern technologies to upscale the unit to an extent that it is more than par with the best of the competition available”, smiles Rajendra Chodankar, Founder, Promoter and Chairman of RRP S4E Innovation, a Company with core area of operations include design and development of medical devices, thermal imaging systems and night vision devices.

He continues, “The entire end-to-end process is not only of making anew the almost scrap equipment but also at very competitive affordable rates without compromising to the least on the high quality so essential to keep our defence forces combat ready.” “We feel proud and humbled when our armed forces very confidently use and rely on the long range security surveillance cameras that helps in improving accuracy, dependability, performance and security, by providing them with enhanced targeting capabilities”, states the Promoter of Mechvac, wherein he played a crucial role in establishing the unique Nano-Machining facility in 2001, the first of its kind in India.

Speaking on the sidelines of the inauguration of the Dedicated Electro Optic Repair Centre as also the Electro Optic, the post graduate in Inorganic Chemistry from Mumbai University, who was nominated for the Padmashri Award 2021-22, discloses, “Our technological expertise is second to none, so much so, international players have aligned with us to not only provide components of the bygone designs and configuration but have also collaborated with us for technology transfer.”

Another flagship vertical of the company is the air purifying device Aerem which is an apt offering for the present times, where the deteriorating very poor quality of atmospheric air replete with toxic particles is taking a rapid toll on the health of the citizens. “Aerem is so designed that even the AQI in Delhi soaring above 450 can trap pollutants upto 5 micron particles, thereby cleaning, purifying and providing fresh air in closed environments”, points out the maverick Rajendra Chodankar, who, in 1996 initiated incorporation of a Private Limited firm with focus on providing specialised systems in Nano Spectrometry, Vacuum Systems and Elemental Analysis. He says that these devices are at a 30% lower pricing than the competition.

With a manufacturing capability of 25,000 units per month, RRP, whose bouquet of offerings include reflex and thermal sights, AI based Robotics and Face Recognition, Counter Drone systems and Hand Held Thermal Imagers, is comfortably poised to cater to the demand that would emanate from offices, hospitals, hotels, lifts, reception areas, schools, colleges, personal cars, and any enclosures, among others. The sky is the limit as even households can install the air purifying devices. “The demand will continuously outstrip the supply and we will have to enhance our capacities multifold”, beams Rajendra Kamalakant Chodankar, whose dynamism is bestowed with the honour of Certificate of Recognition and Award as one of the Times Exemplary Leaders in the category of Visionary Entrepreneurs.

RRP has also ventured into the Drone Cameras manufacturing segment. Poised to cater to the demands of the Out of Home sector, it has postured to deploy Drones to provide services to those places and equipment that are remote, not easily accessible due to distances and heights.

“These Drones could be remotely guided to reach high rise wind mills located at high altitudes, to monitor, oversea and assess its operational health to ensure its smooth, unhindered functioning for efficient and regular, continuous power generation”, informs the winner of the C. V. Raman Award amongst 5 Physicists. His enterprise is considered among the top 3 Electro Optics Company in India.

“Considering our foray into diverse verticals, the scope and need for infusing working capital is stupendous. To provide financial strength to our projects, we are posturing to enter the market soon with an Initial Public Offering”, reveals the winner of Global Achiever Award 2020-21.

With a book order of over Rs 100 crore, RRP is set for a quantum leap. Orders flooding in from the United Kingdom, USA and other geographies, particularly for its Air Purifying Systems, as also other nations for its offerings and services in the multiple segments, he is envisaging a top line of over Rs 500 crore by the year 2025.

The highly qualified, focused, and professional manpower are an asset that has acquired the stature of an elite force, bolstered by the encouraging, growth oriented leadership headed by Rajendra Chodankar. RRPs quest for learning, innovation, upscaling, and adopting of the most advanced technologies and gadgets is so intense that their Drones division is registering enquiries, and keen evincing of interests by global Corporates, enamoured by the affordable competitive costs and very low to almost zero failure rates. The superlative standards of RRP has won the trust and confidence of the business fraternity, so much so that international Corporates are making a beeline to establish tie-ups and collaborations.

“Our success can be gauged from the fact that many global manufacturers have already associated with us in technology transfer giving us an edge over the competition”, discloses the Winner of the Excellence in Healthcare Technology Award 2021. He continues, “I am ever indebted to my mentor Dr. Anil Kakodkar, former Chairman of Atomic Energy Commission and recipient of Padma Vibhushan, who has inspired me to work with utmost honesty, dedication and explore avenues for innovations.”

Recognized for its technical excellence and commitment to innovation RRP has leveraged its expertise and resources to develop new and advanced technologies. Its open minded business module, backed by a very cohesive focused staff profile is recognised by Corporates and Governments alike, to an extent that the Saudi Arabia administration has evinced keen interests in RRP’s offerings.

“I don’t believe in taking right decisions. I take decisions and then make them right”, signs off the handsome, suave, intelligent and soft spoken Rajendra Chodankar.

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