Ms. Dipti Verma, Co-founder & CEO, Pulizia Industries speaks

Ms. Dipti Verma, Co-founder & CEO, Pulizia Industries speaks
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Ms. Dipti Verma co-founded (FDA Approved) hygiene & cleaning chemical manufacturing business in 2017 named Pulizia Industries Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai. She comes from an Army background with strong ethical and moral values. Before venturing into her own business she had handled key roles in various organizations namely, Rainbow P.R Advt. & Media, New Delhi as PR & Branding Manager and, Altret Industries, Mumbai as Corporate Communication & Marketing Head.

She has also assisted many brands, companies and given consulting services for expansion and growth. Her expertise in Branding, Business Promotion, Corporate Communication, Advertisement, E-Commerce, Media & Public Relations. In 2018 she was awarded ‘Young Female Entrepreneur’ in Chemical Industry by Aditya Birla Memorial Hospital on the occasion of International Women Day and, also won an award from Singapore signatories for Best Manufacturing Chemical Practice & Branding while at Altret Industries. She has published several articles in corporate business magazines.

What is your philosophy of life?

I live my life by this simple saying, live in the present, learn from the past and plan for the future. You are the author of your own life. Stay positive and keep walking. Nothing gives a person inner wholeness and peace like a distinct understanding of where they are going. One must have a purpose and passion in life. In order to get somewhere (to achieve something), you need to define your end goal. That is essential. And the sooner you define it, the clearer everything else will become. A life without a purpose and passion is a life without a destination.

What is your routine like?

I like to wake up before sunrise, followed by yoga and meditation without a day skip even on weekends. 7 am to 8 am time slot is ‘maker time’ devoted to high priority or high energy tasks. I enjoy this period as there aren’t many distractions like email, phone calls. 9 to 10 am is ‘manager time’ where I check emails and make phone calls. 10 am to noon is another block of ‘maker time’. After lunch, 3 to 5 pm is spent on meeting with my team or clients. 5 to 6 is the time for creative tasks like writing and planning for the next day. After that again yoga and meditation. I simply follow a Healthy body- A healthy mind. To live a productive and successful life one must have proper routine and self-discipline.

Your defining moments?

I have two defining moments. First, when I started a chemical manufacturing company which is totally a male dominant industry, and second when a business has completed 1000 days. That day I was assured of that yes I am on the right path and the company is going in the right direction.

How you make a balance between your various passions?

If you can find a job or career that you are passionate about, plus have the opportunity to make a living, then you are in a great position. You don’t require balancing anything. My foremost passion is my business but yes, I do have other passions in life like writing or painting. I manage to do it all by simply organizing my time.

Which of your personality trait has not been widely known?

I think it is Agreeableness. I describe myself as a person who has a tendency to put others’ needs ahead of their own and to cooperate rather than compete with others. I feel it is not widely known about me to others.

Any regrets that you wish to share?

I believe as a person or as an entrepreneur we all have many ups and downs. But one must not sit on regrets, learn from the mistakes and move on. The more you will move forward in life, regrets may become smaller. Stay positive and try to live an inspirational life not to impress others but for your own happiness.

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