Providing Smart Sustainable Solutions

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3S Integrated Facility Management Pvt. Ltd. is Different

Dr. Abdul Rehman Vanoo is a Man of Excellence with the fundamental definition “Padega Bharat Badega Bharat”. He has done his Ph.D. in Social Minority. He has chosen this subject because of his love and compassion towards humankind.

Being the youngest son of a well-known freedom fighter Dr. A R Vanoo, he is not only a visionary but also a true nationalist. He takes his responsibilities as a citizen of this nation with earnest intent.

With certain dreams, values, and a lot of dedication towards the nation he has been participating in various activities

and is a founder of many companies across the globe. He, at present, is associated with some of the renowned social fronts – Chairman & Founder of Hind Foundation; Chairman of 3S Integrated Facility Management Private Limited; Chairman Finance Committee of Handball Federation of India. Beside this he has many more feathers in his crown as he is associated with some more national and international organizations. His objective is to provide job opportunities to as many people as he can.

Providing Smart Sustainable Solutions 1Scarcity of skilled manpower is an inherent problem, and to tackle this he started a well-equipped training centre of his own in 3S Integrated Facility Management Private Limited where the company makes sure staff is trained well under the watchful eyes of a well-trained faculty. Thus the aim is not only to provide jobs to the unskilled or semi-skilled workforce but also to provide necessary training. 3SI Company has devised skill development training programs especially to those coming from a humble background, thereby empowering them and their families to earn their livelihood.

3S Integrated Facility Management provides all the essential services like housekeeping, floor care, shampooing, deep cleaning, facade cleaning, carpet/upholstery cleaning, pest control, horticulture, pantry and guest house management and other ancillary services. It also provides multi-Skilled Technicians and undertakes front office management. Operating from ten locations – Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Hyderabad, Chennai, Bengaluru, Kochi, Ahmadabad, West Bengal and Lucknow, the company, within a very short span of time, has taken a deep strive and made its presence strong. All this was possible because it was formed with focused dreams and values.

The immaculate services provided by the company are in fact is the talk of the town and the Company was awarded ISO 9001 certification, which ensures that its services meet the needs of the clients through an effective quality management system. In order to assure asset safety, aesthetics, functionality, and comfort, the management build the best teams, equipped them with the best competencies and tools so they can deliver to its customers’ world-class, error-free services throughout India and overseas that comply with global standards of Quality, Safety, Environment, and Social Accountability.

3SI has done a commendable job serving people on humanitarian grounds. It has extended its whole-hearted services to work along with Government authorities to overcome the challenges while fighting with Corona COVID-19. The management has introduced a program named “Operations Sahayog” at Aarogyavat’s Neon Hospital – Kalyan-Thane in Maharashtra. The Company associates serve there day and night. Operation Sahayog in association with Hind Foundation is also objectively oriented for provisions and distribution of Food Grains to its employee.

He further believes that converting a dream into reality takes time, planning and a lot of effort. But the passion to achieve it makes it possible. Dr. Abdul Rehman Vanoo, in a chat with Krishna Kumar Mishra, discusses his vision, his dreams and the future plans of the company.

Please briefly let us know the journey so far.

It all started five years back with a generous thought which I always tried to achieve through my NGO named “Hind Foundation” which focuses on education and employment majorly. Our motto at foundation “Padhega Bharat Badhega Bharat” always inspired me to educate people and employ them leading to individual development and nation-building. My beloved country India has abundant human resources which, if utilised properly, can generate enormous productivity. Five years ago I realized that housekeeping services in India are slowly becoming a prime necessity for many corporate houses, malls, big offices, hospitals, and even celebrities. We took a year to do our homework and entered into this business after a year. Our focus was clear – we could be a part of the fast-developing country where cleanliness and hygiene will be our primary focus, and secondly, we would be able to create a lot of job opportunities for the people, people who are dropouts and those who could not attend schools.

Our only demand was that one should be living legally in the country with proper documents and there was no discrimination on religion, caste, and creed. At this point in time, we have up to 3000 people on our roll but I feel my responsibility towards 20,000 people, forming part of their family and I consider it as a big 3SI family. We proudly take ownership of the people working for us. Our CSR Partner Hind Foundation team takes care of their problems, if any.

Providing Smart Sustainable Solutions 2

The company has an extensive service portfolio. Do you have training facility to train the unskilled lot?

Yes, we develop unskilled manpower into skilled because we believe the development of any country lies in the foundation of its skilled workforce. Ours is considered to be one of the overtly populated nations of the world. Out of the vast number of working population, only 2.3% has some formal skill training. Changing unskilled workforce to skilled is a must if we wish to see India as a super power in the near future. We have a very effective and well-placed training facility center with all modern technology. We train all our staff, make them understand things well, and then deploy them accordingly. Our focus on continuous training and development is post deployment is what makes our staff unique.

Providing Smart Sustainable Solutions 3

Your services are very prone to leading to complaints/rejections. What strategy the company applies to lessen its effect?

It’s a universal phenomenon who plays has to win or lose. But the most important thing is to make sure Training and Efforts are matched to achieve the standards set. We have a specialised two stages of Training and development followed by checks on quality and control delivered by Quality Control Department and assured by Quality Assurance Department. Each sector has a demand supply which is unique and it needs to be catered with different set of standards. So we have special division to cater Corporate Tycoons, Celebrities’ Apartments, other high end segment and so on. A structure of centralised directions and decentralised decision making model of our company supports us to achieve the end results.

How you maintain the large workforce?

Our workforce is balanced by the leaders handling them. It is significant to highlight that our hierarchies are doing a fabulous job by keeping the large force together, connected and united. They are entrusted to make sure that things are well maintained and properly managed. Our Brand believes and practices “One Team One Dream” which limits and refrain us from outsourcing.

There is a talk of a New India Story after Modi 2.0 win; how 3SI hopes to make a mark in that story?

By default we are a part of Prime Minister’s New India Story contributing our humble share to keep the country Swachh. This is the first time in India that drive of SWACHH BHARAT is given a boost by any Prime Minister since independence and we salute our PM Narendra Modi. I feel each Indian has a responsibility towards PM’s SWACHH BHARAT mission as cleanliness will bring health, happiness and prosperity. Our company has its own programme named as “Right To Clean” wherein every year more than 100+ activities and cleanliness drives are done as part of our CSR activities with our CSR partner Hind Foundation.

Your unusual answers prompt me to ask a question – why is your mindset not like other entrepreneurs.

I feel honored if you feel so but I can’t speak for others. May be, my background was such. I belong to a family of freedom fighters. My father was very active even when the country was burning in 1947, taking injured people to hospitals. You can measure his dedication towards his country by one incident. My mother was in hospital, giving birth to my elder brother but dad was not in hospital with mom but was at nation’s service. He was with people taking them to hospitals, and looking after them. For his efforts and saving many lives during those harrowing times he is still remembered in Mumbai and in areas of Santacruz, where we used to live those days. He is my role model. I always wish and I always try to do something towards the nation on a larger scale. I think my upbringing, this ‘unusual’ intention and a different mindset provide the answer to your question. I also acknowledge that such mindset sometimes becomes a hurdle in my company’s growth but I’m happy and satisfied with whatever my company does commercially while keeping in view my objectives.

How you define success?

I am a person of Excellence. I feel I’m successful if I’m able to contribute with my good deeds towards the society in larger manner. My motto for the company is NATION IN HEART GLOBE IN MIND.

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