Mindset Secrets For Winning: How to Bring Personal Power to Everything You Do #BookClub

Knowledge by itself may be worthless. Applied knowledge is priceless. This book gives Empowerment Principles. Apply it.
Mindset Secrets For Winning: How to Bring Personal Power to Everything You Do #BookClub
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Mark Minervini, a school dropout to a multimillionaire Wall Street sensation, shares his “secret” Empowerment Principles that propelled him on an incredible journey that is one of the many amazing success stories in America. Those who want to transform thinking with strategies used by elite business leaders, world-class sportsmen, and exceptional winners from all around the world, can use the tools and technology revealed by the author in this book.

Mark’s own rags-to-riches journey is remarkable and his books on investing have become legendary for stock market aspirants and professionals. Through this book, the author teaches how to calibrate belief systems and build a self-image of a champion; shares tools to master and apply perfect practice and prepare for the big day and perform your best under pressure. The author, who has himself lived the transformation and success, draws on many aspects of his own life and that of other leaders. It’s important to read the entire book, as each section builds on the previous section.

It’s only human to often overthink things and to fall back on old – good or bad – habits. “Mindset Secrets” opens your eyes to the power of thought and of habit. The techniques find the fundamental base in old adage that draws on teachings in Bhagavad Gita that one’s thinking directly influences the things one does. And the things that one does ultimately become habits; and further these become destiny. We all have choices in how we think, but rarely make a conscious choice while thinking.

The author shares Seven Noble Truths of a Winner, the key pillars of champion thinking. You make choices, and there are consequences of those choices.

From the Book

“If you want to make a contribution to the world, dream big… When you dream big and follow your passion, you begin to do new and different things, bit by bit, gradually, until the whole direction of your life changes.”

“You are born a human with a brain…. Within you is the power to create your own future and shape your destiny… The first step is to activate the beliefs that guide you toward the outcomes you want.”

“You are the creator of everything that you experience… How you perceive the world and respond to events creates your reality. Therefore, you are the owner of your life and everything in it!… Life is about creating yourself and your circumstances.”

“As the Creator, you are Un-creator and Re-creator of your reality.”

“Truth # 3: Great Achievement is a Process…You must trust the process and allow it to unfold; otherwise, you will give up because you will want too much too fast and make the critical mistake of skipping important steps.”

“Every person who ever accomplished something that was thought to be impossible simply performed a series of small tasks that were possible… Since winning is a process, it takes time, effort, and refinement to get to a big goal.”

“Truth # 5: Willingness if more important than desire. The willingness to do creates the ability to do.”

“Records are meant to be broken by people just like you…It’s never too late to become the person you always wanted to be.”

“You cannot out-perform your self-image… With healthy self-images comes confidence, and with a poor self-image come hesitancy and doubt.”

“My definition of commitment is simple: doing the thing you said you were going to do long after the excitement and jubilation you initially felt has faded.”

“Seek Wisdom Over Advice: Advice tells you what to do; wisdom tells you how to figure out what to do.”

About the author: Ashok Jainani
Ashok Jainani
(MA, MBA) is an independent market strategist and investment professional on devising multi-asset class market strategies and also advises on branding and corporate strategy. He uses proprietary trading tools in formulation of investment strategies using macro-economics, fundamental and technical analysis. He is also involved with a large social infrastructure project. He has wide academic knowledge in behavioral psychology, economics and financial markets and professional wisdom acquired over 29 years working in various capacities with well-known institutions, including UTI, SHCIL, The Economic Times and Mumbai-based stock brokerages heading research and market strategy. His periodic reports have been accessed by US Federal Reserve, has been interviewed by business channels and his views and articles have appeared in local and foreign media. He led an analyst team at a Mumbai brokerage to win ET-NOW StarmineThomsonReuters Awards and ZEE Business Awards 2009. A guest faculty at leading management institutes, he is widely travelled and visited several factories across diverse industries. Authored book titled Market Myths; MacMillan Publishers India (May 2011).Author can be reached at [email protected]

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