V ONE HOTELS – A Marathon Runner in Hospitality Sector

Suryakant Singh, Managing Director, has 18 years of rich experience in hospitality sector. Under his leadership, the company has a mission to emerge as a leading operator of the largest inventory of fully managed hotels across major destinations. In a freewheeling chat with Indian Economy & Market, he speaks about the future plans and his engagement in the social service.

V One Hotels has emerged as a leading hospitality group. It is an initiative of Vision Hospitality Management which is highly regarded for its professional outlook and dedication to integrity. At present the group manages and operates five hotels including one in Bangkok. However, it has also big plans to own, operate and manage properties through agreements such as revenue share leases, operations and management contracts and franchises.

Committed to deliver a real pleasing experience to its guests and stakeholders the group is fast expanding its operations. The highly motivated management and staff members make all the possible efforts to give guests an experience that is memorable and personalized. The management believes in providing services that sustain and nurture relationships with guests and stakeholders.

There are disruptions in the entire segment of the economy including hospitality. Your take?

It was certainly unprecedented. The kind of shock that the COVID-19 outbreak had induced in our sector has never been felt earlier. However, our Industry is known for its remarkable resilience capacity and this time too we are gradually bouncing back on our feet. Recovery is generally a long process but I am confident that by the end of the present financial year, the Hotel business in India should be back to Pre-Covid levels.

What is the current status of the Indian hospitality sector?

On-demand and supply front, demand has always outpaced the supply during peak seasons. However, this COVID-19 induced recession has taken everyone by surprise. I saw a report which says that the demand is set to grow by 9-10% over the next 4-5 years, but the supply side will witness a modest growth of 3.6%. We hope as the trend of a destination wedding is fast catching up we’ll get good business when the present crisis will get over.

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What strategy you’ll adopt after the Covid? 

The COVID crisis has certainly affected all. I don’t think any specific strategy related to it is required once a large section of the population is inoculated. In this trying times technology has been a great savior. We are following the regulatory guidelines very strictly and will keep the process even after it’s all over. The pandemic has made us think that hygiene is very important. It should be given top priority. Covid or no Covid, some of the processes must continue at all times, in all seasons. 

Can you briefly tell us your business model?

Our business model is simple yet diversified. We extend our expertise on various platforms with an objective of accelerating our presence. If you own a property that you would like to upgrade, we could undertake that for you before getting on with the task of operating it. Hotel owner can leave the entire logistics of operating the Hotel to us, so that they can sit back and get monthly management updates and the satisfaction of seeing a healthy bottom line grow healthier. Our objective is to optimize the resources to a greater extent in terms of operations and development, for our employees, clients and investors. 

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Do you have any expansion plan?

At present in India, as I said, we are having our presence in only three cities – Jaipur, Dehradun and Bengaluru. Now we are going to have another hotel in Jaipur itself. The new property V One Residency will have 75 Rooms and two Restaurants plus two Banquet Halls. Besides facilities for indoor and outdoor games it will have discotheque and a mini theatre.

We have also planned to have three resorts at three major destinations – Udaipur, Nainital and Kumbhalgarh. Our Resort in Udaipur will have 51 Rooms whereas the Nainital facility will have 35 Rooms, along with restaurant & bar, meeting hall, banquet hall & lawns, swimming pool, and gymnasium & spa plus huge facilities for indoor and outdoor games. Our resort at Kumbhalgarh will be equipped with 40 Rooms along with other paraphernalia. In fact we’re concentrating to add additional facilities to attract more crowds at our existing properties also. 

What makes V One Hotels different?

We have tried to provide all types of facilities a guest needs at our various properties. We believe in serving a variety of good food keeping in mind all age groups with different tastes. We provide a home away from home with personalized services. We make the guests feel special and coupled with our exclusive customized services we believe that no request of a guest is too small. Going that extra mile to deliver the unexpected service makes V One Hotels different from others.

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What is the secret behind your sustainability?

First of all, I must say that we concentrate on the general needs of our guests with a reasonably priced tariff. We constantly ask for their suggestions and complaints which help us to improvise and upgrade our services. Secondly, from an individual perspective, having the right attitude, zeal to progressively be a better version of oneself, and most importantly ability to evolve and adapt with time are some of the traits in anyone’s life for sustaining success.

You are also involved in a lot of social work. Can you highlight about that?

It all happened when in 2015, a dear friend Avdhesh Kumar Singh Bhaduria invited me to visit his village in UP where I saw children coming to school with torn dresses and with literally no books. I was moved and after coming back with my brothers laid foundation of Hope for Kids & Welfare Foundation at Jaipur. We’ve constructed Campus for rural children to provide education and have economic empowerment programs for poor unemployed people. During Covid we did a lot of work to provide basic needs of people suffering badly.

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