Krishna Kumar Mishra

Scribbling over the CAA

Probably there is no simpler legislation ever passed by Parliament. The points are very clear as the provisions. There should have not been any ambiguity

No one leaves home unless home chases you

Migration has become a flash point around the world. According to the International Organization for Migration, this year so far there have been more than

Dying for a better life

Aphotograph which was one morning splashed across the globe was indeed shocking. It was an image of a father with his 23 month old darling

Always Being Born

The year 2018, for me, ended with a very sad note. Two great personalities, I admired for different reasons, left for their heavenly abode in

ISRO Spy Scandal: The case which wasn’t

In my professional career I was fortunate to have met some of the ‘really courageous’ Supreme Court judges like Justice V R Krishna Iyer. I

Worshipping spineless False Gods

By Krishna Kumar Mishra In United States of America: After a gap of several years a psychologist Dr Christine Blasey Ford accused US President Donald