William J. Dean

Summers, Past and Present

Most summers, I have gotten out of New York City, but not this year – the Summer of the Coronavirus. This dramatic change has caused

New York Reopens

The first case of the coronavirus in New York City was confirmed on March 1. The first death, on March 11. By March 13, one

Opera Notes

Opera is an important part of my life. In addition to providing enormous musical pleasure, opera has encouraged and enriched my travels and broadened my

A Forgotten City Tragedy

New York City. June 15, 1904, began as a beautiful spring day. Sunshine, cloudless skies. On such a day, nothing possibly could go wrong, but

Book Shop in England

While a student at Columbia Law School in 1960, a chance encounter on Fifth Avenue in New York City led me to a wonderful summer

My Downtown Offices in New York City

I have enjoyed three unusual downtown offices in New York City. First, the top floor of a warehouse in TriBeCa (short for the Triangle Below

The Joyful Traveler

Henry David Thoreau revered the title of traveler: “His profession is the best symbol of our life. Going from ______ to ______; it is the

Walt Whitman

This year marks the 200th anniversary of the birth of Walt Whitman (1819-1892). He is a favorite poet of mine. Why? A shared love of

Growing Up In New York City

Growing up in New York City introduced me to immigrant communities. We lived at 70 East 96th Street, between Madison and Park Avenue on Manhattan’s

Passages From My Reading

At age 25, while a student at law school, I began copying in journals, in longhand, favorite passages from my reading. I have continued to

An Unexpected Discovery

At my 60th Harvard Class Reunion, I break away for a few hours from a heavy schedule of reunion activities to visit the Schlesinger Library